Tuesday, July 15, 2008

this is all time i should be....................

-paying more of my child support

-paying down any number of my debts....

-spending more time looking for an overpriced apt intown

-emailing more people for tattoo appointments

-sweating the united states pres elections and who sucks as a person more

-calling any number of friends whom sadly, i only text or email .

-calling the doctor about being a 30 somthin skater boy who is now a broken bag o bones.

but instead? i am sitting here looking back from my computer chair,at my beautiful children sleeping,with sticky faces and dirty feet, after a long day in the sun swimming and enjoying ice cream,
just being kids ,doing what kids do.
not even knowing what an electric bill or a deadline is...........i used to know what that bliss felt like, now i get to see it in my children's eyes for a brief moment every single day for the last 4.5 years....that magic dream you and i lost years ago ,
like a barnacle that needs to be scraped off my hull..a scar has formed on my brain .
my children have been my saving grace.angels in this hell.

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