Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the craken

under cover of darkness after the kids are asleep,he puts his backpack on and zooms off into the night.uncaring of all the muck and seaweed stuck to the hull of his mind trying to pull him down. he speeds faster as all the lights from shore dissapate..the global positioning crap his coworkers have that he cant afford isnt here to guide him through the dark water,he has to feel it out like a blind man crossing
a street full of traffic.its lonely and quiet and for a second he almost doubted himself,but pressed on.

the cracken comes out of the dark water to the surface,, in his mind the man knows the battle has already started,it started 30 years ago...its gonna be a long night .comin in all stealth,he harpoons that son of a bitch between the eyes and lets him fight for a while.....he knows this is it...the big one,the fight hes been waiting for his whole life.

land is not for him and he has no plans on returning to it,,,,thats how he can guarentee he will win....
"im not giving up"


sb said...

do you have a lot on your mind my friend? i think so. battle on.

Kawasaki Kid said...

Hey...you can always come and visit