Friday, June 11, 2010

Hi, I am Matt's new assistant, Sage.

Due to the overwhelming response Matt has gotten the last few months from his recent return to tattooing, and moving over to a busier shop, plus his good fortune of having some damn fine articles and press, he has decided to hire an assistant, to handle all inquiries for his tattoo scheduling and convention dates as well as, gallery schedules. this affords more time for hanging with his kids and drawing, painting, and ultimately tattooing. Matt wanted me to personally thank everyone for being so patient with appointments and call backs,or lack there of.(there has been a ton of emails and calls and he is less than prompt in that business stuff  :). I will remedy this asap. Feel free to contact me directly as I will be answering all emails, voicemail and blog feedback. thanks and book with him now for the summer. 
spots are few,
tried and true. 

have a great summer and be sure to check his blog for updates and travel schedules.
yours truley'

MattWallace modern electric tattoos
expert hand
brightest colours

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