Wednesday, August 27, 2008

carbon footprint on lindsey lohan's face.

aol "log on" page and msn both had some breaking news storys about britney spears and kim kardashian in the last few weeks...

like that matters at all what those dirty skanks are doing with thier wasted much good looks and no talent .and these web companys see dollar signs in the eyes of the weak american.

fuck em...while "mr lionel richey" was singin his heart out,and "mr fuckface hilton" was building what only amounts to a global empire,they didnt pay close enough attention to their girls. .i almost feel bad for the kardash club because i heard dad kicked off early. but ,dead, alive or otherwise .someone else is always to blame.never a grown woman who knows that she is looked up to, by millions of girls very much like my own 5 year old daughter.or my brother john;s ten year old girl.

lindsey lohan should be hanged in a public square by a new group of men from the community that im gathering called
"dads against stupid celebrity hooker scumbags"

we will just go around and do some fuckin street justice,kickin america's ass back from being a pussy nation of carbonfootprinted prias drivin psychos.
fuckin skank hookers!....all of them.congrads on your hotel chain pops,
now you can find your kid overdosed in one of the bathroom suites in front of the entire country.smarten up america!change is scary..ooooooooooooo.


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